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First House Lord in Different Houses

Effect of Lord of First House in First House or its Own House

The native will be endowed with physical happiness and prowess. He will be intelligent, fickle-minded, will have twi wives and will unite with other females. Also It make the person fearless and long-lived.

Effect of Lord of First House in Second House

He will be gainful, scholarly, happy, endowed with good qualities, be religious, honourable and will have many wives, also He/She can face obstacles in obtaining progeny and thus he will be left with a longing for issues. He will further become wealthy through his own efforts.

Effect of Lord of First House in Third House

The native will equal a lion in valour, be endowed with all kinds of wealth, respected by others and will be indulge in unnatural methods of sexual gratification.

Effect of Lord of First House in Fourth House

The native will be endowed with paternal and maternal happiness, will have many brothers, be lustful virtuous and charming. The native is of a noble descent. He will prosper by his own efforts. He will be ambitious and beautiful. Prosperity will come to him easily. He will ever enjoy Physical Felicity.

Effect of Lord of First House in Fifth House

The native will have mediocre progeny happiness, will lose his first child, be honourable, given to anger and be dear to king.

Effect of Lord of First House in Sixth House

If lord is in the 6th and related to a malefic, the native will be devoid of physical happiness, and will be troubled by enemies if there is no benefic aspect. For scorpio and Taurus ascendant, it will be a felicitous augury for freedom from diseases. The 6th house position of magna lord in general will give abundant wealth and respect apart from royal status.

Effect of Lord of First House in Seventh House

If the ascendant lord is a malefic and be in the 7th, the native’s wife will not live(long). If the planet in question be a benefit, one will wander aimlessly, face penury and be dejected. He will alternatively become a king.

Effect of Lord of First House in Eight House

The Native will be an accomplished scholar, be sickly, thievish, be given to much anger, be a gambler and will join others wives. The native health will be poor. He will be a repository of misfortunes. He will see many deaths in the family to his grief. His married life will be a hell. In case of Aries and libra ascendant, this approach for evil results should be avoided and results after further scanning the radix.

Effect of Lord of First House in Nineth House

The native will be fortune, dear to people, be a devotee of Sri Vishnu, be skilful, eloquent in speech and be endowed with wife, sons and wealth. One will gain abundantly from his father. Every undertaking of his will be fruitful. He will be well-disposed to his co-born, these are additional results of the ascendant lord occupying the 9th House.

Effect of Lord of First House in Tenth House

The native will be endowed with paternal happiness, royal honour, fame among men and will doubtlessly have self earned wealth. The native will possess ambitions and will prosper in his pursuits.

Effect of Lord of First House in Eleventh House

The native will always be endowed with gains, good qualities, fame and many wives.

Effect of Lord of First House in Twelveth House

The native will be bereft of physical happiness, will spend unfruitfully and be given to much anger. The native life will not be prosperous. He will be addicted to gambling, thieving, and other wives. He will expend wastefully.

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