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Atmakaraka Planet

Let see concept of Atmakarka came, their is concept in astrology known as Jamini Sutra or Jamini Astrology, in which different planets becomes karakas for different things in our Life.

What is Karaka, it means Significance, what each planet signify ?

Pandit Sanjay Rath considered 8 Karakas(Including Rahu) and K.N. Rao considered 7 Karakas(Excluding Rahu). Ketu can never become karaka because it is the planet of liberation, and the planet which helps to liberate, can never signify any materialistic thing in our Life.

Following includes different Karakas in order of their Degrees :
(Highest to Lowest)

  • The Atma Karaka (The indicator of self), Planet with Highest Degree.
  • The Amatya Karaka (The indicator of career).
  • The Bhatri Karaka (The indicator of siblings and father).
  • The Matri Karaka (The indicator of mother and education)
  • The Putri Karaka (The indicator of children, intelligence and creativity)
  • The Gnati Karaka (The indicator of strife, disease, and spiritual sadhana).
  • The Dara Karaka (The indicator of marriage (and partnerships in general).

Atmakarka is the planet with Highest Degree which signifies the reason of our birth, higher the Degree, Higher the pending karmas of that Planet to be Full-fill in your Life Span. For Eg. If someone have all the planets at very Low Degree, then it means that person have very Less Karma remain to full-fill, Higher the degree of planets, more the karma are remaining to full-fill in hi/her lifetime.

Following Points describes various planets as Atmakarka and their Results

  • Sun as AK indicates the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble.
  • Moon as AK indicates that the native should be very caring and compassionate.
  • Mars as AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of Ahimsa.
  • Mercury as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times.
  • Jupiter as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, husband and care for children.
  • Venus as AK indicates that the native must have a very clean character and refrain from illegitimate sex/lust.
  • Saturn as AK indicates that the native should not give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others.
  • Rahu as AK indicates that the native maybe cheated often and will still have to be free from guilt and clean their heart.

Following Points describes Atmakarka placed in Different houses in Navamsha

  • If AK is in Navamsha Lagna, the native belongs to a royal family/ is of noble birth and lineage. If Navamsha Lagna Lord conjoins AK, then the native, although of humble origin shall rise to a high rank equal to a king. If the AK aspects Navamsha Lagna, then Royal association shall be present from birth. The natural karaka of 1st house (Sun) should be strong to indicate the extent of Rajayoga.
  • If AK is in 2nd house, the native shall be very spiritual and a great saint. If Saturn is strong, the renunciation shall be complete whereas if Venus is strong the native shall perform severe austerities.
  • If AK is in 3rd house, the native shall be rich and successful in many undertakings. He shall be a friend of many powerful people.
  • If AK is in 4th house the native shall be a Karma Yogi. If the Moon and Jupiter are strong, he shall have fame whereas if the Sun is strong Rajyoga and a strong Saturn indicate a hard working person.
  • If AK is in 5th house the native is of Dharma Parayana i.e. obeys the laws of his dharma diligently and is straightforward. If Sun is strong, he shall have many good yogas. Blessings of his father shall always protect him.
  • If AK is in 6th house, the native is diseased and troubled. Propitiate as per Saturn or Lord Satya Narayana, fast on full Moon days and speak the truth OM TAT SAT.
  • If AK is in 7th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and many joys. If Venus is strong, marriage shall be a great blessing.
  • If AK is in 8th house, the native has many troubles and weaknesses. He is defeated in war. Propitiate as per Saturn or Lord Satya Narayana, fast on full Moon days and speak the truth OM TAT SAT.
  • If AK is in 9th house, the native is a very pious person and is wealthy and fortunate.
  • If AK is in 10th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and good home. He shall be a pillar for his family and mother; the Moon in strength shall be an added blessing for this.
  • If AK is in 11th house, the native shall be brave, successful in war and capable of executing any task. If Mars is strong there shall be Rajayoga.
  • If AK is in 12th house the native is very rich and blessed by Lakshmi.

Some more points of Atmakaraka

  • If a malefic planet is the atmakaraka, it indicates a high level of spiritual development whereas a benefic planet as the atmakaraka indicates a relatively lower level. Example: Rahu was the atmakaraka for Srila Prabhupada and Ramakrishna Paramhamsa.
  • The atmakaraka invariably indicates suffering during its Vimsottari dasa, especially if a malefic. During the Narayaṇa dasa of the sign occupied by the atmakaraka or those aspecting it, great achievements are made. If the native is spiritually inclined then the dasa of the atmakaraka can be beneficial.
  • A retrograde atmakaraka indicates a deep-rooted desire as being the cause of the birth. This has to be seen from the nature of the planet which becomes the AK. For example, if Mars is AK and retrograde, then there is a very strong desire related to succeeding in some battle or competition in this planet and the native will be dragged into innumerable fights and will be fighting all the time. The solution lies in finding the best self defence strategies based on Karakamsa of which, Ahimsa is the greatest. Similarly, if Saturn is the retrograde AK then the desire would manifest in the native doing something related to the elders or old knowledge in new bottles. When retrograde, this desire is very strong and will be the cause of all direction in life. The other signification of Saturn is sorrow and if the native gives sorrow to others, especially elders and those who are like Guru, then know that he is running a bad time and a lot of sorrow is in his destiny (in any case). The best remedy for him would be to develop a stoic attitude towards the acts and words of others and keep prodding in his path. In this manner, the retrogression is to be understood.
  • Combustion of AK gives spiritual insight.

Lets Check some Interesting Facts About Atmakaraka :

This planet also signify path of our career. Lets Check How

Career is our karma, and karma is what our Atma needs to full-fill in this lifetime. There is chart known as karkamansha chart, you can easily make your karkamansha chart by following Ways:

  • Step - 1 Once you figure out which planet is the Atmakaraka, look at the sign placement of that planet in the Navamsha chart.
  • Step - 2 If i have my Atmakarka in Leo sign in D9 (Navamsha) chart, come back to your Lagna chart, in Lagna chart make that Leo sign your ascendent, new chart is generated, that chart is known as karkamansha chart and now here the Twist comes.
  • Step - 3 Placements of Atmakarka give a much clear indication of the native's Spiritual and Professional life. Through the placement of Atmakarka in karkamansha, one can see what the soul or 'Atma' is Desiring.
  • Step - 4 Look where this Atmakarka is placed in Karkamansha, work related to that house will be our profession, and the planet which help us or give us skills in work is Amatyakarka ( 2nd Highest Degree Planet) look where this planet is placed in karkamansha, that house related skills you need to develop and if that planet is strong, it will help you in your Profession.

For Example: if I have moon as my Atmakarka which is placed in 9th house, then 9th house related to Career will be my Profession. ie. Teaching, Learning , Publishing etc, with the help of my imagination or emotionally connect with students etc, and if Amatyakarka placed in 4th house then, I will Teach from home or home based Teaching may be the profession, just like this we have to look in karkamansha chart to see the career.

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