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Peepal tree Significance

In Hinduism, the peepal tree has its roots since the ancient times.

Hinduism is a major religion in India and Nepal. Considered to be one of the oldest religions, what with so many gods and goddess, rituals, traditions, religious texts and much more, it has over 900 million followers in India itself. In this religion, there are rituals and traditions that give immense importance to trees and animals as well. Just like the Cow is considered to be a sacred animal, the Peepal tree holds much significance.

Peepal tree is considered quite useful within the realms of Ayurveda. With such medicinal capabilities this tree is known to heal a vast majority of diseases. The bark of this tree can be used to yield tannin whereas its leaves, when heated, are quite useful in treating wounds.

In Hindu mythology, Peepala and Ashvattha were demons who possessed magical powers. They would lure innocent people to touch the tree so that they could kill them. However, on an auspicious Saturday, they were both killed by Lord Shani. And that’s the reason why we worship this tree on Saturdays.

Hindus believe that goddess Lakshmi resides in the Peepal tree every Saturday. Therefore, women pray to this tree by tying red thread or red cloth on its branches hoping to have their wishes granted. Worshipping peepal tree on auspicious days is believed to give prosperity.

This tree is considered to have a special place in the heart of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that Lord Hanuman used to sit upon this tree and it was here that he witnessed the hardships faced by the wife of Lord Rama, who used to sit under this tree for shelter in the Ashok Vatika when she was abducted by Ravana in Lanka.

It is said in the Brahma Purana that Lord Vishnu was born under a Peepal Tree. And it was this tree where he had hidden when the demons defeated all the gods. Therefore, the Peepal tree also symbolises lord Vishnu. Because of such an important role, this tree has a god-like figure in Indian mythology. In art and sculpture, the child form of Krishna is shown on a peepal leaf.

It is further believed that Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva used to hold their councils under this tree. Most important decisions regarding the management of the universe is done by them under the peepal tree. This belief has led to deeper faiths among the devotees about the Peepal tree.

As per Hindu mythology our ancestors’ souls reside in this tree. This is why the Peepal Tree is regarded to be so important and why the Hindus respect and treat this tree with great regard. During the annual ceremonies to the ancestors, Peepal trees are worshipped. It is said evil spirits can never reside in a peepal tree and therefore it is always auspicious.

In most traditions in Hinduism, peepal and neem trees are grown adjacent to each other especially in temple complexes and once they grow, marriage is performed to them. The peepal tree is considered the groom with the neem tree playing the role of the bride. Upon marriage, these two trees are said to protect the devotees like mother and father. Usually, the images of Nagas or snake gods are installed under the peepal – neem tree complex.

Ganesh is a simple god in Hinduism. He is a highly compassionate and benevolent son of Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva. He loves simplicity and is easily pleased with the genuine devotion of his devotees. The canopy of the peepal tree is said to be the most favorite residence of Lord Ganesh. We find the image of Lord Ganesh installed and worshipped under the peepal trees in most villages of India.

The Peepal tree is very important and a gift of god to us humans as it is considered to be the largest provider of oxygen, along with Neem and Tulsi. It is widely known that these trees release oxygen even at night. They can uptake CO2 during the night as well. Peepal trees therefore charge the atmosphere with freshness and life remedying pollution. Therefore from the point of view of protecting the environment and offsetting carbon emissions, Peepal trees need to be saved and multiplied.

It is proven by the researchers that the interacting flow of wind as well as the sound of Peepal leaves due to the rubbing of leaves during breeze can kill the infecting bacteria slowly.

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