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Planets and Diseases


Each planet denotes disease. Likewise, the nine planets and the disease can be classified under as follows. Planets if weak can cause certain disease. Here are the Details Description of each house and the diseases a person can face if that house have some bad aspects and also providing the information of each planets that can cause certain disease.
A strong Ascendant, a strong ascendant Lord, and 6th and 8th houses free of malefic influences, can help a person to remain healthy.

Given below are the various zodiac signs and the astrological planets, as well as the corresponding body parts they influence.

  • 1st House Aries: The head, cerebrum, eyes, face, upper jaw, ventral part of body, carotid arteries.
  • 2nd House Taurus: The neck, ears, lower jaws, throat, thyroid gland, cerebellum.
  • 3rd House Gemini: The respiratory tracts components that include trachea, shoulders, bronchi, arms, hands, fingers and sympathetic nervous system.
  • 4th House Cancer: the diaphragm, breasts, esophagus, stomach, taste and left side of the body.
  • 5th House Leo: The heart, vena cava, spine, spinal cord, back, thymus gland.
  • 6th House Virgo: The intestines, Peyer’s patches, duodenum, abdomen, solar plexus, parasympathetic nervous system
  • 7th House Libra: Lower spine, uterus, organs of procreation.
  • 8th House Scorpio: Rectum, Organs of procreation, kidneys.
  • 9th House Sagittarius: Thighs, Hips, Arterial system, nerves.
  • 10th House Capricorn: Knees, hamstrings, Joints, bones
  • 11th House Aquarius: Legs, Circulatory system, ankles, left ear.
  • 12th House Pisces: feet, Toes, Lymphatic system, left eye, hospitalization and death. 

The nine planets influence body parts that are enlisted below.

  • Sun: Heart, eyes, Circulatory System, Spinal Cord, Left eye in females and right eyes in males.
  • Moon: right eye in females and left eye in males, colds, pneumonias, breast-related complications, kidneys, stomach, uterus, mind (maniac disorders), movements.
  • Mercury: Lungs, Speech-related problems, mouth, tongue, hands, digestive system, nerves.
  • Venus: Cheeks, skin, Neck, throat, venereal diseases, and reproductive organs.
  • Mars: Accidents, Forehead, cuts, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs, burns, suicidal tendencies.
  • Jupiter: Diabetes, Liver, blood vessels, right ear, thigh, buttocks, excessive-eating, obesity.
  • Saturn: Skinny and bony appearance, general debility, teeth, bones, joints, rheumatism, asthma, lung disorders, skin diseases, tuberculosis.
  • Rahu: Vedic Astrology considers Saturn and Mars as equivalents. It is responsible for leprosy, spleen disorders, poisonous injuries, snake-bites, cancer.
  • Kethu: This planet is considered equivalent of Mars. It is responsible for hypertension, cardiac disorders, allergies, infections, lunatic disorders, sudden accidents and mysterious diseases.
  • Neptune: Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Psychic disorders, drug addiction, food poisoning, conjunctivitis, hallucinations, insomnia, bites of poisonous animals.
  • Pluto: Venereal diseases, accidents, congenital diseases, diseases due to harmful radiations, X-rays, atomic rays, UV rays.

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